Visca Preset Engine

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VISCA Protocol based preset store module that stores the pan, tilt, and zoom. It is then recalled from NVRAM on the Crestron processor.

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SIMPL+ Module, Originally created for use with a Cisco PrecisionHD camera via direct RS232 control The command set is all VISCA protocol so should work with most VISCA cameras

Basically this module asks the camera what its position is (PTZ) and then stores it into a non-volatile analog variable inside the module. Recall sends out the stores position value to the camera. Currently the module handles 4 presets, that could easily be expanded (or you could also run multiple instances of the module)

We did not try to use the focus attribute, as my camera was set to autofocus. You can look up the VISCA protocol and probably add that somewhat easily.

Includes full source code.


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