Sharptooth Simple Logic Cookbook

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The free Simple Logic Cookbook (pdf download) gives you some “recipes” to build a bit more abstract functionality into your programs.

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Until you have spent tons of time programming in the SIMPL™ environment, sometimes knowing which symbol to use is a bit of a mystery. A lot of the power of the platform is being able to use relatively simple digital logic gates to determine when certain things should occur. Unfortunately, not everyone has had the time to study digital logic, and some of the concepts aren’t exactly intuitive if you have no frame of reference.

The purpose of the Simple Logic Cookbook is to give you some “recipes” to build functionality into your programs. If you are just starting programming, these should help you get your feet wet and put some things into your program other than just basic and repetitive steppers. If have been programming for a while, some of these may seem simplistic but hopefully you find a gold nugget or two.

The cookbook is delivered as a pdf download.


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