Sharptooth Debugger V1 (Trial Edition)

USD $9.99 for 1 month

Built from the ground up to be fast, this tool will help you get your debugging worked out without waiting for things to load and synchronize. Free yourself from the limitations of toolbox and focus on programming!

(Note: 1 month trial edition)

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Sharptooth debugger is a compact and efficient tool for debugging Crestron systems. See the data you need to get your work done faster and more effectively.

Without having to rely on additional “wrapper” programs, this standalone application loads FAST and gets you working right away with a modern UI.

  • Multiple Program Support
  • UTF-16 Support
  • Binary Literals
  • Custom Realtime Watch List
  • Conditional Formatting *limited functionality in this release
  • Filtering
  • Runtime Signal Commenting
  • Flexible Data Sorting
  • Global/Signal Debug Modes
  • Pinnable on top of other windows
  • Telnet/CTP/SSH Support

Even if you don’t have a .sig file, this debugger will also give you the ability to connect and view information on what is going on (in a limited form)

Built by a team that understands the struggle of getting Crestron programs to work in the middle of a construction site, we know you will love this handy tool to get the job done!


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