Advanced Matrix Controller 1.4.0 (Demo Version)

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A flexible advanced matrix controller module with powerful features.
This free demo version allows you to try the module out before purchasing a license.


– Configuration file for all I/O & control communication mapping, naming, and source routing functionality with physical input property propagation.
– Individual and global virtual and physical index routing capabilities)
– Unlimited (in-memory) snapshot slots (readable and writable to cache files on disk)
– Unlimited preset slots
– Control a single or multiple matrix devices with ease
– JSON Schema validation for configuration files (internal and external)
– Plug N’ Play symbols for module initialization (no initialization signal ties in SIMPL to allow the module to properly communicate with every other module, etc…)

Write the configuration and code once, rarely touch it again! Save time on programming changes and reduce programming implementation time and bugs by using a completely dynamic approach to your logic.

(This module download contains a simplified example program along with the module files. It will run unlicensed for a trial period duration. The module will automatically deactivate after 1hr after the initial program load unless a valid license key has been entered.)

You can purchase a license key here

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